Planting the Shamanic Seed Workshop

The Jaguar House, with Deborah Stehr, Ph.D.  presents:

Planting the Shamanic Seed: Process 1, Fall/Winter

Introducing the first in a series of workshops and ceremonies in shamanism for people who want to learn shamanic practices and/or continue what they have developed, and learn new ways to commune with and restore broken relationships with Earth, Spirt and Self.

No experience necessary and experience is also welcome.  8312242670

To sign up email me or call me. For Questions email or call.

Workshop one is: “Planting the Seed of Restoration and Forgiveness Using Creative Shamanic Practice.”

I will walk the group through a ceremonial process designed to facilitate the connection with Mother Earth and the Local Spirit/Beings and with the Deep Natural Soul Self each of us has.

The process will involve:

  • coming together as a group. I will create and maintain a safe, sacred space for everyone
  • setting intention for the day: connect and honor the Spirits of the Land
  • drumming/playing musical instruments, chanting/mantra/ singing,
  • individual “Earth Walks/Communion,” (not a hike or long walk)
  • creativity* as offering, (writing, drawing, music, dance…etc)
  • making a group offering…creating an altar
  • participation in a “recognition and connection ceremony” that the group co-creates, under my guidance
  • receiving some medicine for oneself

*Everyone is creative. Please come even if you don’t see yourself as an “artist,” or “creative.” This idea that there are creative and non-creative people is ridiculous. Art, story, music, dance, song: all originate as spiritual practice throughout human history.


The goal of the workshop and ceremony  is to use basic shamanic tools, such as drumming and communing in nature, to connect with the various souls and spirits of nature and/or ancestors, and then using creativity and other shamanic practices to create an offering, together, to honor these Beings, both physical and immaterial. The experience tends to shift the perception of the individual Self as well, showing us how we are all reflections of the same dream. The goal is to heal alienation and disconnection.

The root of all suffering is disconnection.


Instructions for what to bring

When: Sunday, December 6, 2015, arrival 11:30am. Begins 12noon. Ends around 5pm. Potluck dinner afterwards so we can socialize and connect.


Who: Anyone who desires to learn, connect with Mother Earth, Nature, the Spirit of these realms, and to connect with one’s own natural Soul. (If you are interested in the “dark arts,” this group is not for you.) People who are interested in forming a bi-monthly shamanic group should come as well. I’d like to create a shamanic community this year.

Where:  out of town 10 minutes south of the Santa Fe Airport at a house on land in La Cienega.  Exact location will be given to those who RSVP. We are on a dirt road, but no special vehicle is needed, since its graded and we are right off the blacktop.

If the weather is good, we will mostly be outside. If it is cold or too windy, we will be inside in the studio, and the individual “Earth Walks,” will take place outside because that’s where Nature is! J

How to dress:  It is winter, or almost, bring warm clothes, and dress in layers. Bring a blanket if you like. The studio is heated, but we may not always be moving around and you will want clothes you can stay warm outside with. Wear shoes that allow walking around outside in natural settings with no footpaths. You can also bring anything that feels “special” or “ceremonial” to you for use during the ritual. If you don’t have such things, no problem.


What to bring:

  • chair to sit in (I have some chairs if you don’t) Camping chairs or folding chairs work. I sit on a small footstool, so if that’s appealing bring one of those instead.
  • You may want a blanket (I use a horse blanket) or something to use to sit on outside during your Earth Communion part. Or not. You can use the same chair inside and outside if you like
  • a backpack or bag for your things for the day
  • an instrument if you have it (if you don’t, don’t worry),
  • bring pen and paper (if you like to draw or paint with watercolor, pastels, bring that if you like as well..including whatever paper you need. It should be simple and portable.
  • …bring something organic or natural to give to nature as an offering…this can be food, or something you made. Something that means something to you is best, just make sure it is either an element (like silver, iron or a natural substance, wood, ceramic, ) or that it degrades…paper is okay, if its organic paper all the better but that’s not required…we want nature to consume the item even if it takes a while. J Beads, food, all that is fine. No plastic or plutonium please. J  It doesn’t need to be fancy.


  • Bring some food that you can give to the spirits (can be anything), cornmeal, rice, tobacco, flowers are good too, fruit….sometimes people make special spirit food (meaning that you make it intending to give to the spirits). Wine and beer, chocolate work too.
  • Bring water and any snack you might need during the day to keep your energy up. The workshop/ceremony lasts five hours, with two short breaks and the time will be broken up into various activities and will probably fly along.
  • Please note if you can’t bring some of these items, don’t sweat it. Someone will share with you.
  • Bring a dish for potluck afterward for us humans. We will migrate into my house and we have a stove and ovens. It’s nice to have fellowship afterwards.


          What is The Jaguar House?

The Jaguar House is a shamanic house (like a clan) dedicated to restoring more balanced relationships with Mother Earth, the Spirit Realm and the Human Self through shamanic practice and creative acts of beauty. I claim no affiliation with any indigenous tribe or organization, although the roots of The House are Mayan, Native American and Celtic. As the 13th Jaguar, I am the Keeper of this House. My responsibilities include helping other people to connect with Spirit, both inside and out, and to “remember and revivify,” the connection with Natural Spirit Beings, both Visible and Invisible, which includes using my ability as a poet and a counselor, dream interpreter and trickerster/silly person/goofball. Some of you may know me as The Laughing Coyote.

I’ve been practicing shamanism in one form or the other for fifteen years and my methods and practices are influenced by the Harner School of Shamanism, Martin Prechtel, various Native American practices, including vision quests and my own experiences that include direct teachings and interactions with Mother Earth, All Our Relations, and various Spirits and Spirit Guides.

To see my credentials and other things I do, visit the pages and posts on this website.

I’m interested in creating an ongoing shamanic community here in Santa Fe, to learn and do basic practices for the welfare of Mother Earth and All Our Relations and to minister to human disconnection by Soul-Reclamation and Restoration of a Living Relationship between humanity, earth and spirit. If that interests you as well, contact me at any point before, during our after this workshop.



I will be sponsoring a Solstice Ritual as well this year. It will either be on Solstice or right before. Details to come.


Long Life

Honey in the Heart

No evil

13 Thank you’s.


Deborah, Eagle Woman Rising, House of the 13th Jaguar