Dream Interpretation Class in Santa Fe

Dream Interpretation  with Deborah Stehr, Ph.D.

New Dream Interpretation Class this February at Santa Fe Community College.
3 Saturdays, from 10a to 12p, starting Feb 13th.
Learn the practical applications of dream interpretation from an expert. Done correctly dream analysis can change how you live your life. It can reveal unconscious issues that drive problems and suffering and also be key towards solving those things. I’ve seen this happen with people over and over.
Offered through Continuing Education at SFCC. See details below. I also teach psychology at SFCC in the psychology department and have a degree in clinical psychology.


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NEW! Dream Interpretation Class Santa Fe Community College, Community Education department Register by Feb 9
Learn what dreams are and gain some basic tools for how to interpret them. Receive instruction in how to read the specific meaning your dreams have in a way that is more effective than consulting dream books or other generic sources. Learn psychological modes of dream analysis that are grounded completely in your experience and how to apply them to your daily life and expand your self-awareness.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon, Feb. 13, 3 wks.
Course #LS301 01/CRN 31642
Deborah Stehr, Fee $49

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