How Am I Different?

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Highest level of professional training in psychology: I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

20 years experience interpreting dreams with all kinds of people

Proficient in four different types of dream analysis and dreamwork, including Jungian, psychodynamic and shamanic. I can interpret dreams psychologically, as well as spiritually depending on the needs and requests of the client.

Trained and experienced in counseling many types of people.   In my professional life I have practiced various types of counseling. This maximizes the chances that I can communicate with you effectively and that you will benefit from the session.

Skilled at “live-action,” dream analysis. I am skilled at letting the particular meaning of the dream unfold in the dream work session, rather than giving you a pre-packaged interpretation of dream symbols, like many other online practitioners do.

The live session allows me to ask you questions and for you to give immediate feedback. You collaborate in discovering the meaning of your dream and learn a lot about the process of dream interpretation, so that you can do it for yourself.

In my professional opinion, dream books only offer generic interpretations of symbols and plots in dreams and it’s difficult to apply them to yourself unless you have a foundation in the process of reading your own dreams and know the meanings of your particular symbols systems and associations.

Sending a written explanation of your dream to someone online and getting a written explanation back, is still a very one sided way to interpret dreams. The client is totally subject to the person’s opinion about what the dream means, because he or she can’t ask you about your own associations to the dream symbols. This creates a dependence on psychics, dream interpreters or therapists to read your dream for you, which does not empower you to learn how to do it yourself.


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