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Welcome to the Jaguar House!

My name is Deborah and I am a practitioner of Jaguar House Shamanism. Simply speaking Jaguar House Shamans use a variety of artistic, shamanic and ceremonial practices to re-unite humans with the body, soul and spirit of our wonderous natural world and the living cosmos.

Furthermore, as we do ceremony, write, dance, drum, tell stories, and get to know the nature spirits, ancestors, and the living, loving passions of Mother Earth, we can experience personal healing and wholeness. Usually people start feeling more connected to earth, each other, and their real vibrant selves in these activities. The sacred magic of life becomes more possible.

All Jaguar House practices are designed to enhance honest, embodied connection with self, other, nature and the spirit realm. This connection is a shift in consciousness from the ego-bound, fear-driven, power-hungry consciousness that tends to dominate our world, into a more expansive, empowered, loving reality that has positive effects on the personal, social, and global level.

In this website you will find:

A Blog of shamanic stories derived from my own experiences on the shamanic path

An explanation Jaguar Shamanism and my mission statement

A description of various shamanic services: dreamwork, ceremony, counseling, healing, cleansing, mentoring, groups of various kinds

The Mission of Jaguar House Shamanism

My mission as Jaguar 13, Keeper of the Jaguar House, is to help others become their true vibrant selves in loving integration with Mother Earth and the various Spirit Forms that live here or come here from other planes of the Spirit World.

The Holy Jaguar, revered in Mayan cultures and in others, has long been a symbol for shamanism itself, or for the shaman herself. The Jaguar House is the family of Spirit Guides and Companions that accompany me in this life. As the 13th Jaguar, I’m the last in the line of this family of Jaguar Shamans, and as such, I am the bridge to the next generation as the cycle begins again through the millennia.

My task is to help people reconnect with their sacred souls as they remember their connection with the sacred soul of earth, all living things, and all creation. Everything is alive; consciousness is omnipresent. Essentially, there is no inert nothingness or “thingness.” That idea is an artifact of Western philosophy and science. Philosophy and science have immense value. Shamanism simply operates with a different set of principles.

Shamanism is about healing consciousness

My job as a House of Jaguar Shaman is to help heal and expand human consciousness–how we are aware of who we are, what the world is, what life is. As many shamans have said, “Human consciousness is ill.” A sick consciousness creates a toxic and destructive world on many levels, including the Covid narrative. Sick consciousness and sick belief systems are those that are too narrow and tend to serve a manipulative power base, that is based on various forms of greed and fear.

Healthy consciousness empowers everyone and expands to meet the needs and nature of living, breathing beings of all kinds. Healthy consciousness is inclusive, present, and interactive; in addition, it brings expanded understanding, promotes kindness, and increases giving mindfully to others. Expanded consciousness also enhances gratitude, interrelatedness and balance though the micro and macrosystems.

Shamanism has always been used to correct imbalances between the human, natural and spiritual worlds. Replacing disconnection with connection is the thrust of modern shamanism. How do we do that? We invite deep, passionate, loving relationships with ourselves, others, nature and the spirit realm through various practices. And often these practices are mind blowing, fun, mysterious, and bring an empowered peace.

The consequences of the idea that only humans have a valuable consciousness and every thing else in creation is here for us to use and manipulate, has extremely severe consequences when it is the main operational belief of society. We are witnessing the death of nature, animals and humans as a result of that lopsided belief that humans are the measure of all things. We most certainly are not.

How do I know?

How do I know? Like anyone who knows anything of merit: Personal experience. I’ve been on the shamanic path since 1997, at first without knowing it, and then with increasing awareness. In actuality, I’ve been on this path my whole life, but I didn’t know it until my mid-thirties because my experience was too fragmented and I was not part of any wisdom tradition handed down by my elders. Like many people in the contemporary world who are privileged to experience great freedom and possibility, I also experienced a lack of orienting mentors and belief structures.

Like so many, I have had to piece this all together myself from a myriad of experiences, teachings and circumstances. It has been a path of mystery, adventure, intense pain, amazing ecstasy, as well as, struggle, boredom, despair, joy and magic. I said “yes” to it, many years ago. Now I cannot put it down, even when I want to, as I am this Great Mystery, as all of us are. Wonder is what lives inside us.

Any spiritual practice evolves over time, as any reading of history and comparative religion will tell you. Jaguar House Shamanism is a path that co-creates itself from older wisdom traditions and practices that have been fine-tuned in the crucible of my own human spirit and artistic expression. That is what the modern world demands of us humans and shamanic humans, as it always has. Every generation recreates itself anew and then hopefully offers enough of what has been learned to the new folks that are following us. Let us leave them a path with heart, shall we?

My Spirit Guides have told me over and over that I should use my various skills and hard-won wisdom to help other people, mother earth and also the spirit forms that live in this world, both seen and unseen. Hence, I’ve created this website dedicated to that end, after years of trying to figure out how to make a difference in this world. I finally had to just find the courage to do it. The nice thing about courage is that it builds on itself: the more you do it, the braver you get. 🙂

My specific medicine is that of Shamanic Scribe and Holy Fool, in the various traditions of Coyote, Raven or the revered Heyokah. This means that one of my main modes of teaching and helping others is through storytelling and writing, often using humor, since I have a knack for getting in trouble aka Coyote. Fortunately I also have a knack for escaping trouble. I also use journeying, dream interpretation, ceremony, and various forms of artistic expression solo and with groups. Part of my calling is also to mentor others on their shamanic path.

Please explore this website and do contact me if you’d like to chat about shamanism or any of the offerings. I do work on sliding scale, so please don’t let money issues keep you from contacting me!




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