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WELCOME TO THE JAGUAR HOUSE! Dream Interpretation and Shamanic Counseling with Deborah Stehr, Ph.D.

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  On this blog and website you will find:

An explanation of my dream interpretation and shamanic counseling services

A blog exploring the various aspects of the shamanic path through story and discussion among followers.

I invite you to explore! Contact me if you have any questions and/or would like to experience a dream or shamanic session.

How to contact me:

  1. Go to dream interpretation services page or shamanic services page, info is there. You can buy sessions through Paypal too on these pages.

  2. email me:  jaguarhouse13@gmail.com

  3. phone or text me  831-224-2670 

  4. Use contact form on sidebar menu

  5. Telepathy…..no just kidding!

  6. Carrier pigeon….kidding again!

Blessings on your way,

Deborah, the 13th Jaguar















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