What is Shamanism?

Shamanism Explained    1d9781d60bb4bd843ac4e42dd14e4b13

  •  What is a shaman anyway?
  • Why do people consult shamans?
  • Why would you ever want or need a shamanic practitioner?
  • What are the problems or issues a shaman can address?
  • What are the benefits of shamanic counseling?
  • How are modern shamans different from traditional ones?

b4f577f0fd25e607f644512189ee9280 WHAT IS A SHAMAN?

Shamans, or shamanic practitioners, use various forms of consultation with the spirits of nature and other spirits, including ancestral, and use various rituals and practices that help people understand the nature of their suffering and their problems.  Clients can also receive direct healing from the spirit world, or instructions about how to correct the imbalance. “Shamanism” is a modern term for an age-old set of practices, usually related to indigenous peoples and customs, and is as varied as the people who practice it.

 Who can benefit from shamanic counseling?

Anyone and everyone. Shamanic methods work as long as a person is open to it. You do not need to be from a particular faith or culture. Shamanic methods are ecumenical, meaning that they can work for a person regardless of the type of religion, faith, or lack thereof, that a person may have. What is required is an open mind and permission from you. The spirit guides and allies that I work with will not act on your life without your permission.


 How can a shaman help you?

Problems in life of almost any sort: financial, mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal

  • Problems with houses, workplaces, land–hauntings, weird events, bad atmosphere, people getting sick, fighting all the time, etc.
  • Recurring chronic problems and forms of suffering (note shamanic counseling is not a substitute for psychological counseling, but can complement it).
  • Inability to pursue goals/feeling stuck, knowing what you need to do but not being able to do it
  • Psychological disorders (as an adjunct to other treatment)
  • General unhappiness, loss of direction
  • The spiritual causes of physical illness (or information about the illnesses)
  • Finding out who you are, information on the meaning of your life
  • Karma from past lives
  •  Karma from this life–meaning negative patterns that repeat all the time. 
  • Help interpreting dreams, especially recurring dreams, or frightening or unsettling dreams
  •  The issue of meaninglessness: what am I here for? What does my life mean?
  • Feeling like a powerless victim, creating empowerment instead
  • Creative blocks
  • Assistance with pets and/or animals
  • Feeling of disconnection and alienation and other relationship issues

And lots of other things.

 How does shamanic counseling provide help for people?

The spirit world can provide information on the nature of problems and suffering and offer possible solutions. The spirit world can also choose to offer you direct healing and amelioration of the issues.

Shamanic healing methods can increase your connection to the earth, the spiritual dimensions, your soul self and higher self, as well as your physical world. Most suffering in human life has to do with disconnection and imbalance.

Shamanic counseling can help you experience the magic and mystery of spiritual forces acting to help you in this world and can discernibly help you live a better life.

Shamanic counseling can teach you to communicate with helpful spirits and beings yourself, with no mediation from another person.

Shamanic assistance can increase a person’s sense of being loved and cared for by the universe.

Shamanism can empower you to help yourself and to manifest what is desired in your life more quickly and to have a daily relationship with the sacred.

Shamanic counseling can provides you with access to energies and information you might not be able to access otherwise. Psychology and traditional religions usually work differently.

Generally, shamanic counseling is quite safe in the hands of a practitioner who has training, experience and integrity. 


What are some of the benefits and results of shamanic counseling?

  •  Solutions to suffering, reduced suffering, more emotional, personal well being
  • Increased empowerment
  • Better relationships and mental and emotional health
  • New insight into problems and better ability to handle them Increased sense of peace and serenity
  • Less entanglement in chronic problems
  •  New relationship with the spirit world and nature
  • Healing of physical and emotional pain
  •  Problems fading or disappearing
  • Deepening personal connection to the spirit world.
  • Lessening of loneliness, hopelessness and alienation.
  • Ability to live with more consciousness, deliberation and presence in all areas of your life

These are the dynamics that can happen through shamanic work and dream work.

There are no guarantees, but most people report positive, life enhancing experiences.

How are contemporary shamans different from traditional ones?

Currently, many modern shamanic practitioners are still traditional, meaning that they practice according to the customs of their particular ethnic and social group.

Very often however, contemporary shamans adhere to no specific set of traditions, or customs and are eclectic, meaning they have been trained with, or have learned from, more than one indigenous, or modern tradition. Like language and religion, shamanism is a form of spiritual communication and healing that evolves through time and culture. 

I am a modern shamanic practitioner. My method of practice is a mix of various, well-established shamanic practices, along with communications from the set of Jaguar House Spirit Guides who assist my life and my shamanic practice.  My shamanic affiliation is the House of the 13th Jaguar and I am the 13th Jaguar, the current incarnation of this line of medicine women. The House has its roots in both North American and South American medicine practices, with a bit of Celtic, Germanic and Nordic heritage included. The lattern group is my bloodline. For more information on my training, influences and background, please click on the biography and experience link. 

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