Dream Interpretation Services

Free 10 minute consultation

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Phone or  text 831-224-2670

Email:   jaguarhouse13@gmail.com



This page describesdownload

Dream Interpretation Session and how to buy one for $60.00 

Dream Interpretation and Shamanic Dream Session  $120.00

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A dream Interpretation Session consists of

  •  30-40 minutes of reviewing the dream plot
  • discussing what comes up for you as you review and think about the dream
  •  the last 20 minutes  is a summary of what the dream seems to mean with implications for how to integrate it into your life.

 1 hour dream session $60

How to make appointment and buy a Dream Session

1. Free 10 minute consultation by phone (or by email, or text) for you to see if you’d like to have me analyze your dream and/or have questions answered. We can make an appoint then as well.

2. Contact me about making an appointment by

phone 831-224-2670

text same number

or email:  jaguarhouse13@gmail.com

3. Once appointment time is made/confirmed

If possible, email me a description of the dream

  • either written down and sent via email,
  • or scan it and email,
  • or video yourself (or audio) describing the dream and email it or message it.

This is so I know what the dream is before we start talking.

*If you feel you can’t do this, or don’t want to, we can incorporate you telling me the dream in the session. It will just make the analysis a bit slower, but that is still okay.

4. Payment

      • via Paypal if you are an online client   CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK TO BUY 1 $60 SESSION

Buy Now Button

        • or by cash, check, money order or Paypal if you are seeing me in person

5. Interactive session at the scheduled time. If there is a technological glitch, we can reschedule.

6. After the session, I will send you the audio recording from my iPhone via email. I will clarify if it is okay to record the session before we begin. This is a common practice in the field. It is very hard for the client to absorb the information in just hearing the information one time.


Dream Interpretation with Shamanic Guidance  $120


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Up to 90 minute session online Skype, on phone, or face to face.

This combines a Dream Interpretation session with shamanic guidance. Either before or after the initial 1 hour dream session, I consult the spirit world about the meaning of the dream and share the results with you. The price of the session covers the hour of shamanic work I do while not on the phone with you as well as the hour I spend with you.

How to buy a shamanic dream interpretation session.

Procedure is the same as above–all you do differently is use the paypal button directly above. This will add a shamanic session to your dream session.

Dream session $60 + $60 shamanic consultation session= $120.00.






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