How to purchase dream sessions

On this page you will find:

How to get a free 15 minute consultation

How to buy a dream session and schedule a session with me

Description of various kinds of dream sessions you can choose.

Approximate cost of dream work sessions

*For a full description of dream interpretation and its uses, go the Dream Interpretation Page on this website

Free 15 minute consultation

See if my services are appropriate for you. 🙂

Phone me or  text 831-224-2670 or email:

We can find a time to talk for around 15 minutes about my services and what you are seeking.

I can help you choose the right kind of dream session. (See below for options).

ALL SESSIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Any information you give me, is also confidential. I save your information for about 6 months and then delete it on a password protected, encrypted work computer and email.


a) for face-to-face (yes, even during Covid as long as neither of us have symptoms). No mask required. You may wear one if you wish.

b) online video chat, via Zoom  

c) phone call

These are the best modes for me to interact with you. Texting and email do not work well for sessions, except to set things up, or ask questions.

We can decide what fee is appropriate and what payment method. Fee structure is below.

3. Payment is typically via PayPal. You can pay me with or without your own PayPal account. I also can use Venmo, but Venmo requires you have an account also.

Cash is acceptable for face-to-face also. 

Please pay ahead if we are working online. For face-to-face you can pay ahead online or bring cash to the session. I am not set up to run debit/credit myself.

Use this email to pay online via PayPal: Thanks!

4. Before the session: If you can, please send me a written copy of your dream over email. If that doesn’t work for you, you can make an audio or video recording instead and send it via text message or email. And if none of that works for you, you can wait to tell me the dream when we are in the session. Having a sense for the dream before I meet with you, helps me be more efficient with you, but it isn’t necessary if you’d rather just tell me in the session.



  •  30-40 minutes of reviewing the dream plot while talking to you
  • discussing what comes up for you as you review and think about the dream
  •  the last 20 minutes  is a summary of what the dream seems to mean with implications for how to integrate it into your life
  • sessions are tape recorded (with your permission) and emailed to you after the session
  • your session and your identity are always confidential unless you give permission for some kind of sharing with another person
  • one follow up phone call/email/texting/zoom session is included, approximately twenty minutes.
  • sliding scale fees available and sometimes I will reduce fees or work pro-bono depending on the client’s financial and personal situation.

COST OF DREAM SESSIONS (sliding scale available)

A SESSION is defined as a completely finished process. I charge per session, not strictly by the hour, although sessions that take longer, in general cost more.

Basic Dream Session: Cost $50 to $65 (sliding scale, you select what is best for you)

Includes psychological interpretation, possible dreamwork in the session, and possible spiritual meanings of the dream. Clients provide me with audio or written copy of the dream beforehand. During the session we work together to come to the meaning of the dream. The price includes around an hour of working with you, plus any preparation I do beforehand, thirty minutes to an hour.

Shamanic Dream Session: Cost $50 to $65 (you select sliding scale fee)

Focuses primarily on shamanic and spiritual interpretations of the dream. Clients provide me with the dream beforehand and I consult the spirits through shamanic journeying and other methods. The dream session with the client then consists of me relating the messages to the client and working with the client to integrate the information.

Advanced Combo Dream Session: $75 to $90 (sliding scale, you select)

This session combines psychological and shamanic interpretation, including a shamanic journey, for a full picture of what the dream means.

All dream sessions have a follow up phone call/email afterwards as part of the service.

Individualized Shamanic DreamWork: $50-200 per session depending on what kind of services we agree on

This is a type of dreamwork where I go ask the spirit world, after I initially speak with you, about what methods of dream analysis would benefit you most. Then I suggest an approach that can include some of the options below, or other things my Spirit Guide may suggest. Then we would agree on what methods to use and what is a reasonable fee.

-live dream work methods and journeys during the session

-active imagination with the client during the session

-having the client journey for the meaning and I help interpret

-multiple dream interpretations over a period of time, as arranged between myself and you

-a dream ceremony

We then co-create a shamanic dream approach that best suits your needs. We agree on the best fee for you before any more work is done.

Affordable dream work and shamanism

In general, I want my skills to be available to people across the economic spectrum. If you desire my assistance, but feel you cannot afford it, please contact me. We can discuss sliding scale services, or other methods of possible payment, and I sometimes work pro-bono (for free). Shamanism and dreamwork should be available to everyone.

If you can pay the full amounts, please do so. If you wish to donate to my website please do! Via Paypal. my email is for Paypal.

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