How to purchase dream sessions

On this page you will find:

How to get a free 10 minute consultation

How to buy a dream session and schedule a session with me

Description of a dream interpretation/dreamwork session

Approximate cost of dream work sessions

*For a full description of dream interpretation and its uses go the Dream Interpretation Page on this website

Free 10 minute consultation

See if my services are appropriate for you. 🙂

Phone or  text 831-224-2670


Or click on one of the PayPal buttons below for purchase. If you buy a session without talking to me first, please send me a text, email or phone me that you have done so, so we can schedule a time. 

We can schedule sessions:

a) for face-to-face (yes, even during Covid as long as neither of us have symptoms)

b) online video chat, via Zoom or Skype  

c) phone call

Please pre-pay via PayPal.

Cash is acceptable for face-to-face also. 


A basic dream Interpretation Session consists of

  •  30-40 minutes of reviewing the dream plot while talking to you
  • discussing what comes up for you as you review and think about the dream
  •  the last 20 minutes  is a summary of what the dream seems to mean with implications for how to integrate it into your life
  • sessions are tape recorded (with your permission) and emailed to you after the session
  • your session is confidential
  • one follow up phone call/email/texting session is included, approximately twenty minutes


Dream Session Basic: Cost $50

Includes psychological interpretation, possible dreamwork in the session, and possible spiritual meanings of the dream. Clients provide me with audio or written copy of the dream beforehand. During the session we work together to come to the meaning of the dream.

Shamanic Dream Session: Cost $50

Focuses primarily on shamanic and spiritual interpretations of the dream. Clients provide me with the dream beforehand and I consult the spirits through shamanic journeying and other methods. The dream session with the client then consists of me relating the messages to the client and working with the client to integrate the information.

Advanced Dream Session: 75$

This session combines psychological and shamanic interpretation, including a shamanic journey, for a full picture of what the dream means.

All dream sessions have a follow up phone call/email afterwards as part of the service.

Individualized DreamWork: $50-100 per session.

This is a type of dreamwork where I go ask the spirit world, after I initially speak with you, about what methods of dream analysis would benefit you most. Then I suggest an approach that can include

-live dream work methods and journeys during the session

-active imagination with the client during the session

-having the client journey for the meaning and I help interpret

-multiple dream interpretations over a period of time, as arranged between myself and you.

We then co-create a shamanic dream approach that best suits your needs in keeping with my capacities.

Affordable dream work and shamanism

In general, I want my skills to be available to people across the economic spectrum. If you desire my assistance, but feel you cannot afford it, please contact me. We can discuss sliding scale services, or other methods of possible payment. Shamanism should be available to everyone.

If you can pay the full amounts, please do so. If you wish to donate to my website please do!

Pay Pal Buttons

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