Shamanic Services


Contact me via phone or internet for free evaluation and to set up appointments: 

831-224-2670 (texting okay)

List of services

  • Personal Shamanic Counselingcropped-blackjaguarcopia1.jpg
  • Personal Shamanic Counseling with Dream Interpretation
  • Land and/or Living Space Shamanic Session and Mediation
  • Shamanic Healing or Manifestation Rituals

Description of services

 Personal Shamanic Consultation

  •  Get advice from your Spirit Guides or the spirit world in general about issues of concern, acute and/or chronic problems, get insight into their origin and nature, learn how to shift behavior, attitudes and create solutions.
  • Receive information, intervention and healing from the spirit world mediated through shamanic methods.
  • I use shamanic journeying into the spirit world to get information or to facilitate action on the part of the Spirits for healing. I also use channeled writing/poetry, in some cases. Other times, I use 2013 Mayan Oracle cards, as well as others, depending on what the spirits tell me to do.  I also use “Prescription Poetry,” meaning I will channel in a blessing or a poetic message from the spirit world for the client to use at home. Sometimes I will do a ceremony or ritual depending on how I’m guided.


Personal Shamanic Counseling can include, but is not limited to:

  • diagnostic journey: a journey I do to see what kind of treatment is recommended by the spirits
  • retrieval of information that will help you
  • power animal retrieval: an animal power with medicine to assist you is retreived
  • connection with your spiritual allies, including those from the natural world
  • soul retrieval: bringing back lost soul parts to empower you, create healing and more wholeness within you
  • healing session
  • customized ritual on your behalf, or you as co-participant
  • dreamwork and shamanic counseling session combined

*Note: I don’t do depossession work per se. I can refer you to people who do.

How to contact me and make an appointment and general information about fees

1) 10-15 minute free-consultation: Contact me by email or phone and I will email you or call you back according to your preference.  We will talk about the issues concerning you briefly and discuss how I work and what the best options are.

2) I will make recommendation for how my services might be useful.

3) We will discuss fees for service.

4) If we decide in the initial consultation for me to do a journey on your behalf, pay through PayPal, check, money order. Once I see the payment clear, I will do the work, then contact you for a follow up appointment. Follow up usually takes about 30 minutesby phone, Skype or in person.

5) We will complete the follow up appointment, which takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

Generally speaking:

  • Unless we are doing a face-to-face session, pre-payment is required through PayPal, check or money order. Once the money is credited to my account I will do the work. Cash is appreciated for face-to-face work, or check/money order works also.

Generally my fee structure is as follows:

  • 1 shamanic counseling session with one journey: $60


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  • 1 shamanic counseling session with diagnostic journey plus healing or other type of  journey: $120

1 shamanic session PLUS: 120.00


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  • 1 counseling session with journey plus ceremony/ritual: (usually two hours of work/discussion): $120.


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  • Dream interpretation and shamanic counseling session: $120.


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  • Land or living/working space shamanic sessions: 1 hour session$60

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2 hour session: $120.
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shamanic counseling session is when I talk to you about your concerns, interact with the spirit world on your behalf, and then communicating with you further about what occurred with the spirit world and integrating it into your life.

**a diagnostic journey takes around an hour for me to complete and about 30 minutes for me to discuss it’s meaning with you. A diagnostic journey is done when the person has no particular question question or issue that is in mind, but is having trouble or needing clarification on a set of issues.

***a transformative, or healing journey, power animal retrieval journey, soul retrieval, or journey on a particular issue or question (which is what most journeying is), takes around the same amount of time. Sometimes I have to do a diagnostic journey to figure out the problem and then journey on how to fix it, or fix it within the journey, so unless the diagnostic journey is really short, this usually take more time on my end.

 Reduced fee structure: Although my fees are already sliding-scale, to help people adjust to levels that fit their income, I will do one session of shamanic counseling or dreamwork per month at a reduced rate, which is basically whatever the person can pay towards the session. I suggest half of my usual fee. Pre-payment is used as in the other modes of payment. You may inquire about this, but it may or may not be available.

I do one pro-bono session every two months, starting in May 2015; meaning if a person has need and can’t pay anything. If you have the ability to pay, please don’t ask me about this. Karma is everything.


 Shamanic Counseling and Dream Interpretation: Integrated Session  $120.00

ForPhoto0198 combination dreamwork and shamanic journey, which takes one hour for dreamwork, 30 minutes for me to journey and 30 minutes to tell you about it, the pre-paid charge is: $120.

Soul Retrieval Session  

This is more intensive work that can be done in person or remotely. A soul retrieval is when a shaman goes into the spirit world and retrives part of your soul that has become detached from you due to various factors.  It is common for people to have lost soul parts due to very stressful or scary experiences, or due to these energies being taken on purpose or accidentally by other people or spirits. Healing, empowerment and a feeling of being more whole can be the result of a soul-retreival.

A soul-retrieval requires:

a) 30 minutes shamanic counseling that includes  speaking with you and also my figuring out if the Spirits advise me doing the retrieval for you. If I have already been working with you and a soul retreival is indicated, sometimes this diagnostic session can be waived, lessening the cost of the retrieval.

b) soul retrieval process, in person, or remote through Skype,  or remote without Skype*.

  • If without Skype, I will need to talk to you for 30 minutes, after I conclude the journey about what occurred during the soul retrieval and instructions for what you should do to make sure the soul part stays inside you and does not leave again.

c) 30 minute follow up a week to ten days later (included in the price above).  Soul retrieval requires follow up. Also usually people have questions about the process and experiences they have had at this time.

Fee:  $150 Buy Now Button


Land and Living Space Shamanic Sessions:

images (5)


Sometimes what is wrong with us isn’t us. It’s something that is amiss or out of balance on the land we live on (whatever that land is), which includes suburbs and  city land. Even though you might live in a high rise, there is still land and space around you, and if it is having problems, you might be also.

Aerial view of houses in Hartlepool

Sometimes it it here is something amiss with your interior living space or work space.  Perhaps the house has unhappy spirits in it, or the room you have your office in is really more suitable for sleeping which is why you are tired every time you work in there.

  • Clients come to me directly about problems with land and living or work spaces.
  • Sometimes a diagnostic journey reveals that a personal problem is actually a living space or land problem or both.


    1.  10-15 minute free consultation by phone, Skype, or email.
    2. I  work directly on the land or in the living/work space if possible.  I will come to your space or land, figure out what might be going on, do ceremony if needed to facilitate healing the issue, and/or give you advice about what you need to do to better the situation.
    3. Most of the time land or living/work space work takes about 1 to 2 hours.

1 hour land session 60$ Buy Now Button

2 hour land session 120$ Buy Now Button

  1. If I’m driving to your house, I charge .30 per mile for every mile over 25 miles from my house which is located 10 minutes Southwest of Santa Fe, in La Cienega, NM.
  2. We would come to an agreement beforehand on an estimate of what it costs. Clients can pay in person with cash or money order, or pre-pay by Paypal, check, money order.

Working on land and living/working spaces remotely


I can work on these issues remotely as well.

Free 10-15 consult.

Provide pictures or video of the land or the space if possible and send to me via email. I will journey about the issue and the possible remedies. Then I will contact you for a good time to speak about my findings.


I can also work blind, meaning just by phone contact. For this I rely totally on communication from Spirit to tell me what to tell you with no pictures or direct contact.


What to expect from Shamanic Counseling

  1. Information about what is causing problems.
  2. Depending on the type of journey, information on what will help the issue or problem.
  3. In the case of healing work: the issue should improve a little, quite a bit, or almost completely and sometimes the condition/issue is completely transformedand healed.
  4. Sometimes the changes that occur can be unexpected, which is why shamanic counseling and treatment, is an art and not a science. (Science however is not very good at dealing with issues of the soul or spirit.)
  5. If you are very dissatisfied with the outcome or process, or feel that the actual process did not reflect what I said it would, I welcome you to contact me and we can work together to find a satisfactory resolution.


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