What is Dream Work?

What is dream interpretation?

Dream Work is any kind of method that helps you understand your dreams more fully and assists you in using that information to improve your life.

Dream Interpretation is the process of deciphering what the dream means. Psychologists and shamans work with clients to develop an accurate understanding of what the dream means.

How is dream work useful? Why have someone do it? 

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Throughout history people have sought help understanding their dreams. A good dream analyst can help clarify confusing dreams, or dreams that have multiple meanings.

I am trained in counseling, psychology and shamanism. I use all three levels of knowledge to help you understand how the dream reflects issues and feelings in your life and what changes you may want to make in your life.

“Why am I having this disturbing dream over and over?”

In the case of repetitive and/or frightening dreams, a dream interpreter can usually solve the mystery of why those dreams are repeating, and often help scary dreams diminish in intensity and incidence.

Dreams are so useful!

Dreams often reveal our issues and relationships with ourselves and the world. Dreams can give us insight into the origin and nature of personal problems, both acute and long standing.

Dreams can also give us information about how to solve such issues, sometimes by practical measures, other times by shifting our attitudes and expanding our self-awareness and intentions.

Simply understanding what a dream means can have a healing effect.

Dreams can help us come into alignment with our authentic selves and help us live with more integrity and satisfaction.

Dreams can help us set positive intentions for ourselves and assist us in reaching our goals more effectively.

Dreams can warn us about negative and/or dangerous situations.

Understanding dreams and following their direction can prevent chronic or acute problems from forming in our lives at all.

Also, dreams are just really cool and it is very fun and fascinating to work with their wisdom.


Dreams are trustworthy sources of information

Since dreams have no agenda other than revealing the truth, they are trustworthy allies assisting us through the path of life. The key is learning how to understand their language.

Dreams mostly originate from our subconscious and the goal of the dream is to make the dreamer more aware of something that will be helpful for his or her survival and welfare. In other words, most of your dreams exist to help you and have your best interest in mind. They have no other motivation.

Thus, the method of dream interpretation becomes an exercise in reading the dream accurately. This is what I help you do if you come to me for dream interpretation.

Sometimes dreams involve spiritual beings from other realms and I handle these dreams differently than dreams that are more psychological in nature.  Basically, I shift the emphasis to a spiritual or shamanic interpretation, instead of just using a psychological one. Because I am both a psychologist and a shaman, I can help you with these types of dreams also.



1. Highest level of professional training in psychology: I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

2. 20 years experience interpreting dreams with all kinds of people.

3.Proficient in four different types of dream analysis and dreamwork, including Jungian, psychodynamic and shamanic. I can interpret dreams psychologically, as well as spiritually depending on the needs and requests of the client.

4. Trained and experienced in counseling many types of people.   In my professional life I have practiced various types of counseling. This maximizes the chances that I can communicate with you effectively and that you will benefit from the session.

unnamed (2)

5. Skilled at “live-action,” dream analysis. I am practiced at letting the particular meaning of the dream unfold in the dream work session, rather than giving you a pre-packaged interpretation of dream symbols, like many other online practitioners do.

The live session allows me to ask you questions and for you to give immediate feedback. You collaborate in discovering the meaning of your dream and learn a lot about the process of dream interpretation, so that you can do it for yourself. Live sessions are done on the phone, via Skype or in person.

6.  Individualized and accurate dream analysis: more accurate than most other websites.

In my professional opinion, dream books and websites only offer generic interpretations of symbols and plots in dreams, and it’s difficult to apply them to yourself unless you have a foundation in the process of reading your own dreams and know the meanings of your particular symbol systems and associations. (I can teach you to do this by doing a dream-analysis for you and I also teach it explicitly in workshops and will teach one-on-one if a client requests that.)

Sending a written explanation of your dream to someone online and getting a written explanation back, is still a very one-sided way to interpret dreams. Often this type of interpretation is wrong or incomplete.  The client is totally subject to the other person’s opinion about what the dream means, because he or she can’t ask you about your own associations to the dream symbols. This creates a dependence on psychics, dream interpreters or therapists to read your dream for you, which does not empower you to learn how to do it yourself. And what if the person you pay to interpret the dream is wrong? It is easy for a practitioner to be wrong if he or she doesn’t talk to the client.

A dream session should be a living unfolding of the meaning of the dream that occurs between the client and dream interpreter. The insight comes from the client co-investigating what the dream means, guided by a professional.  Smart dream analysts know that we can’t tell you what your dreams mean: we can only expertly facilitate your own interpretation of what it means and how it integrates into your life. That is a skill worth paying for and the interpretation of the dream should be accurate.

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