Dr. Stehr’s Credentials

unnamed (6)



  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University, Pittburgh, PA 1999
  • Speciality:  psychodynamic and existential psychotherapy, women’s psychology, dream analysis
  •  Lecturer in Psychology since 1992–teaching psychology at colleges and universities around the country
    • Classes taught: Introductory psychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, women’s psychology, educational psychology, child and adolescent psychology, socio-cultural psychology, cognitive psychology, ecopsychology, human sexuality, health psychology
      • Current: Santa Fe Community College, Community College of Northern New Mexico, University of New Mexico
      • Past: Duquesne University, Point Park College, Community College of Allegheny County, Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA
      • State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA
      • Foothill-DeAnza Community College, CA


  • Practicing dream analysis since 1995
  • Specializing in Jungian, psychodynamic and phenomenological dream analysis with attention paid to  more “spiritual dreams,” also, like ancestral communication and visits from other energetic beings.
  • Workshops given in dream analysis  Palo Alto & San Francisco
  • Dream Analysis taught in introductory psychology classes, as an adjunct to chapters teaching the nature of consciousness.


Shamanic Practitioner: 2006-current

  • Founder and Keeper of The Jaguar House: an emerging women’s collective dedicated to restoring the lost connections between the human soul, the spiritual realm and the bodies and spirits of nature, working in tandem with the global shift in consciousness.
  •  Directed a two year long project on the land near Portland, Oregon (2007-2009) on that utilized communal efforts to revitalize the spirits of the land and our human connection to them through ritual, ceremony and soul-reclamation activities.
  • Created The DreamSpinning Practice:  an interdisciplinary approach to healing ourselves and the earth, utilizing philosophy, archetypal psychology and other psychodynamic approaches, as well as writing and the creative arts coupled with neo-shamanism, to help heal women heal themselves and the earth concomitantly.  Implemented this practice in various ways in workshops and rituals.
  • Mentor to  women interested in studying the shamanic path.  Teaching basic techniques, supervising co-constituted rituals and ceremonies, utilizing shamanic practice to further wholeness and authentic life path; teaching how access spirit guides and wisdom; guiding and holding space for Vision Quest activities.

Used various shamanic techniques to help others from 2005 forward


intensive personal instruction by various nature spirits in New Mexico and all around the United States and in Yucatan, Mexico. Call it a personal intensive that lasted from 2010-to 2019 in Northern New Mexico. The only way to learn is to do it.

workshops with Martin Prechtel in New Mexico, 2012

  • Assistant to Beth Beurkens, M.A., during a workshop in Basic Shamanism in association with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, November 2008
  • Mentored by Christina Einsminger, Shamanic Practitioner trained by Foundation of Shamanic Studies during many personal trials and initiatory life experiences. Personal mentor since 2006.
  • Completed courses offered by Foundation of Shamanic Studies 2005; 2006; 2007 (Basic Shamanism; Spirits of Nature & Divination).
  • Vision Quest Individual Intensives (5 of them):  follow up work on my own initiative with various  colleagues to continue education led by the spirits of nature in October 2003; April  2004; September 2005 (Mojave Desert); August, 2008, Northwestern Forest; September 2011, Northern New Mexican Highlands.
  • Vision Quest with Woman Quest,  with Beth Beurkens, M.A., shamanic practitioner, 2002. (Completed six month group preparation and week-long desert sequence.)
  • Workshops and Rituals with Martin Prechtel, Writing and Earth Based Ritual Practices from   Indigenous Maya, presented at Ojo Caliente, NM; Monterey Bay, CA; Mendocino, CA; 2002; 2004; 2005.




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